Why Digital Strategy

“Digital has become a massive game changer in business today”

Today digital has become one of the biggest if not the biggest game changer in business. Digital is no longer a luxury for businesses looking to shine their image; today digital is a must, it is a necessity for any business to survive and compete. Not only are businesses using digital in their operations and customer experience; their reliance on digital to improve performance and efficiency is increasing day by day, their investment in digital and digital marketing is growing every year and the impact of digital on their customer experience and market share is increasing endlessly. Even more today digital solutions and services are impacting all departments within an organization from marketing to finance to human resource to sales to other functions digital is improving operations, efficiency, productivity and changing the outcome in all functions of the organizations and of the organization as a whole.


“Digital is here to stay and will only grow”


The importance of dealing with digital as a core business activity is no more a trivial decision for business leaders. The impact of dealing with digital in the right way across the organization and in a coherent and structured method is significant to a company’s performance and future. Today it is time to build a digital business strategy and transform technology into a strong business support and transformation function.

What is Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy is the structured use of technology to gain business objectives with the aim of maximizing business value and optimizing digital investment.
Digital Strategy applies to two main areas of a business; Customer Experience and Operations with short term and long term massive benefits.


Digital Strategy deals with technology as a tool to build business capabilities that are relevant to the organization, its objectives, its consumer and the market conditions. The starting point is the business and its objectives and vision; digital is the means to the business end result.


For management, Digital Strategy structures and organizes the company’s use of technology in a way that brings clarity and understanding of the digital initiatives, their role in the business and expected outcomes allowing leaders to maximize the business impact of the digital investments.

Digital Transformation

“Digital transformation has become the top strategic priority for 77% of companies” The Economist Intelligence Unit


Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers.


It’s also a cultural and organizational change; it’s a process of using technology to radically change your business. It’s a combination of people, processes and technology that collectively reap huge business benefits to an organization.


Today Digital Transformation is one of the biggest if not the biggest topic in business worldwide; as more organizations embark on the transformation road and reap its massive benefits it is gaining momentum day after day.


As stated by Accenture CTO “We are in the early stages of what we believe is the biggest technology revolution that we will see in our lifetime”

Worldwide, digital transformation could be worth $18 trillion in additional business value, according to analyst house IDC


Today it is time for companies to start their digital path through a structured process transforming technology into business strategy and reaping the benefits as they apply it bit by bit according to their needs, market and costumers.


We will take you through the digital transformation journey.